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Rearden House

The only highly curated, membership-based, peer-to-peer platform built specifically for CIOs.

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About Rearden House

Rearden House is a highly curated, membership-based peer-to-peer platform tailored for CIOs.

Rearden House empowers CIOs to gather information, support & resources from one sector of a network to achieve results in another.

Rearden House plugs you into a set of relationships & information sources that collectively embody the power to achieve organizational & personal goals.

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Build trusting, collaborative and productive relationships with likeminded professionals.

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Stay on top of an ever-changing investment landscape through discussions with a community of experts.

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A community of support and guidance for your investment and personal goals.

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Share and gain valuable market & personal insights.

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Build a stronger reputation in the industry globally.

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Resources and connections; including third-party service providers.

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Guidance from members who have been there before and can show you the way.

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A vital platform to assure your personal and financial success.

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Rearden House


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How to become

a Member


Receive an invitation from the Rearden House team or referral from an existing Member.


Complete the membership application. A member of the Rearden House team will personally interview you.


Upon acceptance, a member of the Rearden House team will personally onboard you to the Rearden community.

Ready to dive in?

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The criteria considered

  • Eagerness to learn and engage
  • Attitude of gratitude
  • Current impact as a CIO
  • Commitment to attend events

Membership enrollment at Rearden House

Membership is conditional to being referred from an existing member and approval by the Rearden team.

Meeting the specific quantitative requirements does not automatically guarantee admittance into the Rearden House. There are other important, less easily defined requirements that also need to be met.

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Benefits of a
Rearden House


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Rearden House brings together experienced professionals to build meaningful connections, expand networks, and learn & engage both online through our proprietary platform & offline through events.


Members get access to exclusive quarterly events that include guest speakers, curated networking opportunities, and investment opportunities curated from Member-driven conversations.


Highly curated, relevant investment opportunities compiled by likeminded professionals within the CIO community with first right of refusal


Leverage the network for its diverse market, management, and financial knowledge daily and through quarterly events.


A proprietary mobile application designed and built specifically for the CIO community.


A dedicated individual committed to help you solve the problems you face every day - from booking travel to sending gifts to clients worldwide.